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Pasta Sauces Company La Torrente  Multisito Multidominio Ecommerce Ecommerce
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Pasta Sauces Company La Torrente  Multisito Multidominio Ecommerce Ecommerce

There is a world away to which we can close whenever the eyes or hands touch a bottle of Sauces La Torrente. It is a world which frees up time for those who love to eat well without getting stuck in the kitchen. Thanks to chef, guardians of tradition, in every package relive the classic recipes of a rich and inimitable Italian cuisine.

Prepared with tomatoes La Torrente, all Sauces are packaged in glass bottles with practical resealable cap. The selection and quality control are strict and certified; a guarantee that puts these words into the reality of a company that knows how to do their jobs well.

A substance which is also at the service of private label, thanks to a cutting-edge facility and highly skilled staff, ready to answer any customization needs of the recipes for the preparation of Pasta Sauces.


Well before the advent of modern monitoring systems, the creek has always felt a responsibility to protect the health of its consumers, following high quality production standards. In recent decades, thanks to international organizations, this commitment is certified. The Torrente wanted to do something more, guaranteeing an average residue of pesticides by 30% lower than the limits of the law (DNV Certificate No. CERT - 0067-2002 - PC - NPL - SINCERT).

Pasta Sauces Company La Torrente  Multisito Multidominio Ecommerce Ecommerce
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