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Retail Company La Torrente   Sito  Gestione Gestione Sito
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Retail Company La Torrente   Sito  Gestione Gestione Sito

The Retail line La Torrente detonates the passion in the kitchen.

Relying on a quality product allows, the ladies and gentlemen of the stoves, to release creativity with the lightness of who is confident he can count on a good friend.

The Torrente carefully selects its tomatoes, only from Italian crops that follow the method of integrated control.
No OGM, tomatoes La Torrente are controlled during each phase of the process, to give consumers a quality that is holding forth on the shelves of supermarkets.

From the practical to the bottles internally glazed white cans with ring-pull, the products La Torrente still retain the organoleptic characteristics of the fresh tomato just picked.

A quality that is also found in the line of Legumes La Torrente, cooked without the addition of preservatives and dyes, ready to be first and second on every table.

The offer Retail La Torrente closes all sweetness with Peaches in Syrup, glass and cans, which will give any meal a happy ending.


Well before the advent of modern monitoring systems, the creek has always felt a responsibility to protect the health of its consumers, following high quality production standards. In recent decades, thanks to international organizations, this commitment is certified. The Torrente wanted to do something more, guaranteeing an average residue of pesticides by 30% lower than the expected limits of the law (certificato DNV n° CERT - 0067 - 2002 - PC - NPL - SINCERT).

Retail Company La Torrente   Sito  Gestione Gestione Sito
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