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The company Torrente Today  Multidominio Multidominio Sito Gestione Gestione
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The Company Today

The company Torrente Today  Multidominio Multidominio Sito Gestione Gestione
La Torrente is an industry of canned food, founded in 1965, operates in the agro-food sector in southern Italy. The company has acquired an evolution prestigious due to a gradual integration of the most advanced industrial technical facilities, while respecting the most genuine food traditions and the direct involvement of the partners in the production problems aimed in particular to improved quality of products.
The company Torrente Today  Multidominio Multidominio Sito Gestione Gestione
The wide range of products has reached a precise position on the domestic market so that today the brand is known as a guarantee of quality and authenticity.
The company Torrente Today  Multidominio Multidominio Sito Gestione Gestione
The company policy aims at the constant improvement: in 1996 La Torrente has obtained the Quality System Certification according to the UNI EN ISO 9002 and in 2002 was adapted to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000. Furthermore, the products have been certified by Det Norske Veritas with Product Certification Agribusiness - Level 2 STP-ce-pc-agro_11 (tomatoes with average residual pesticides less than 30% of the Italian legislation limits). The productions are performed in accordance with HACCP guidelines using only fresh and domestic raw materials.
The company Torrente Today  Multidominio Multidominio Sito Gestione Gestione
In 2005 La Torrente got the Product Traceability Certified according to UNI EN ISO 10939: 2001.
The range of products made by La Torrente includes peeled, pulp, tomatoes, past, fillets, vegetables and fruit in syrup, but also products from organic agriculture as pulp and tomato puree.
The company Torrente Today  Multidominio Multidominio Sito Gestione Gestione
Organic products are certified by ICEA. Approximately 78% of our production is distributed throughout the country, while the remaining 22% is a great appreciation abroad.
In 2009 La Torrente has turned around 500,000 Q. fresh tomatoes reaching a turnover of € 20.6 million.

Millions of times a day, the glass containers of O-I provide people around the world, many of the most popular products by consumers. With a leading position in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Latin America, OI manufactures containers preferred by consumers, glass 100% recyclable, which enable our customers' products to have a superior taste, purity, visual appeal and benefits of value.
Established in 1903, the company employs over 22,000 people and has 78 production facilities in 21 countries. In 2009, net sales amounted to 7.1 billion US dollars.
The company Torrente Today  Multidominio Multidominio Sito Gestione Gestione
OI designs and manufactures a new small bottle to preserve the original flavor of the gravy La Torrente
pasta sauces based on tomatoes and other tasty ingredients are a modern category of products offering a great help in the kitchen, optimizing times and adding delicious flavors. Highly appreciated by consumers, the sauces are spreading rapidly into new styles of cuisine to garnish and serve different types of pasta or rice.
The new gravy La Torrente is made with great care given the quality of ingredients as it is in the tradition of the company and the recipe offers some original variations. Will indeed be 8: chilli, basil, Amatriciana, capers and olives, Boscaiola, Carrettiera (with cherry tomatoes, basil and grated cheese).
When the Torrente decided the choice of packaging for this new product , it was evident privilege the glass. The natural choice to retain the flavor of ingredients and authentic aromas, stimulating the desire through the transparency of glass. Glass is inert and never alters the taste. The tomato has a high degree of acidity (pH from 4.20 to 4.40, almost as much as the lemon) so only the glass can retain it without the need to add additives and preservatives. The sauces packaged in glass intact retain their flavor and unique taste for the 36 month shelf life.
La Torrente has been a customer of OI for over 20 years, thanks to this long association, OI has received the request to study a new small bottle to keep the tasty gravy.
the result is a 370 ml bottle well balanced and with a tomato imprinted to leap, a creative solution that can highlight the identity of the respective product, informing the same time, the tradition and brand value.
the small size is the size most suitable for seasoning two or three plates of pasta, thus satisfying the needs of singles and families with few components.

the growing consumer interest in natural ingredients for cooking goes hand in hand with the awareness for environmental sustainability. The glass allows consumers to respect the Nature helping your recycling, small glass bottle flint will be entered in the cullet flow, soon becoming a new bottle, but some of these lovely bottles will stay definitely in the kitchen to be reused as containers for spices because they are very decorative.
The company Torrente Today  Multidominio Multidominio Sito Gestione Gestione
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